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Usually, we reserved steak dinners out for special occasions or (in my case) extreme pregnancy cravings. So, when the opportunity came up to grub hard on red meat for lunch, it was like a food Christmas. It’s definitely still the case at Maya, a Sandy Springs spot now open for lunch. They’re serving up Filet all day with an extremely tasty menu to complement it. So, if you’ve got time to take a mind0afternoon nap, or maybe you’re a Real Housewife in training (so it doesn’t matter what you have to do afterwards), book your table and clear your palate. Its time to eat.


The good thing about the food, whipped up by Lebanese/Spanish Chef Mimmo Alboumeh, is that you’ve got justification for fighting your way through the busiest street in the city. Roswell Road at the Perimeter (otherwise to be avoided by the plague) is a madhouse. Don’t even think about turning left and don’t even think about getting somewhere in less than thirty minutes. Fortunately, once you’re in the tiny little lot that Maya sits on, you can throw your keys at the valet (who parks it ten feet away) and escape to eating. Albeit nestled on that bustling street, inside, it’s tranquil and simple, a small geometric space transformed with subtly vibrant patterns, mixes of texture (leather, wood, stainless, etc.) and the steak dinner-appropriate white tablecloths. It’s a step inside something off the @gardenhomeandparty Instagram account, when they’re showing off cool bars or masculine makeovers.

The menu reflects the same. Front and back, the not-your-average lunch menu covers cravings from robust snacks, soups and salads to big-eater approved burgers and sandwiches, seafood and of course, steak. The disclaimer is that while you won’t be able to choose something from every section (I mean, I guess you could), you won’t go wrong with whatever you narrow it down to. I loved that our server as honest and enthusiastic about the menu items. With a discerning facial expression, she led us toward a successful tasting and sent us home with full bellies and a penchant for more luxurious lunches in the future. Here’s what we tried:

Start with the Beef Carpaccio, holy cow. We learned that while most carpaccio beef is frozen, allowing the chef to slice it to that impossibly thin sheet, Chef Mimmo pounds fresh beef to get it that way instead. The result – a rich, buttery beef bite that all but made me want to call it a day. In fact, breaking all of the tasting menu rules, I cleaned that plate to every last caper. I’ll go back, even just for this and a glass of red.

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Mimmo Alboumeh

ME Restaurant Group INC, 880 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA, 30076, United States